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We hope you send your invoices primarily as e-invoices.

Lautek Oy
Ritarinkierros 13, FI-45120 Kouvola
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Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)
Online billing address: 003724965827
EDI ID: 003724965827

E-mail invoicing

Invoices sent by e-mail can be sent to:


More information about email billing

OpusCapita receives purchase invoices sent by e-mail according to the following criteria:

  • Purchase invoices must be in PDF or TIFF format as attachments.
  • One attachment is considered as one invoice.
  • All pages of multi-page invoices should be attached to the same appendix.
  • One attachment cannot contain more than one invoice.
  • An email can have a maximum of 10 attachments and a maximum attachment size of 10 Mb.
  • The recipient field must not contain any addresses other than the e-mail address of the scanning service. If you want to send a copy of the invoice to the customer company as well, you must enter an additional e-mail address in the copy field (CC).
  • Attachments other than PDF or TIFF are not processed.
  • Invoices sent by e-mail must be either pre-electronic or scanned with a scanner. For example, pictures taken on a mobile phone from invoices are not processed.


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