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Passivation is an acid treatment for stainless and acid-proof steel

The normal condition of a stainless-steel surface is known as the passive state. In passivation, the steel surface is treated with acid. The treatment speeds up the formation of an oxide layer on the surface of the steel and reduces stress corrosion.

Passivation is used to treat piping and equipment that requires a high level of cleanliness

Aggressive substances, such as hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid, as well as ozone and oxygen, are used in industry. When building or altering an industrial process like this, passivation is carried out to put the equipment in working order. During the acid treatment, a passivating shell forms on the metal surface. In some cases, grease removal may be enough.

The equipment used in the food and pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict hygiene requirements. A high level of cleanliness is required from the equipment. If the passivating shell is in order and you want to ensure the level of hygiene, the equipment can be sanitised. 

Passivation is recommended especially to the pulp and paper industry and the pharmaceutical and food industry.

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