Cleaning by pickling
extends the lifespan of production equipment

Pickling is an acid treatment for steam boilers

Pickling is an acid treatment used to clean steel surfaces in the energy industry. Pickling is needed to ensure the cleanliness of boiler pipes. The treatment is done on ferritic surfaces before commissioning the steam boiler, and repeated later, if necessary.

Pickling is a cost-effective treatment

Pickling cleans the metal surface of the steam boiler.
A dense, high-quality magnetite layer forms on the cleaned surfaces of the boiler when the plant is put into operation.

The high-quality magnetite layer protects the boiler piping and extends the lifespan of the plant – clean equipment generates clean steam faster. This means that the run-in time of the plant will become shorter, saving both fuel and working hours.

We recommend pickling especially to the energy industry.

Maintenance and cleaning of a steam boiler using pickling

Picking is an effective way to clean metal surfaces and return the equipment to working order. In plants that are already in operation, various deposits that reduce heat transfer can form on the surfaces of the boiler while it is running. At their worst, the deposits can even lead to costly pipe breakages and production stoppages. 

Pickling can often be carried out in connection with other maintenance. A controlled production stoppage is usually always an easier and more cost-effective way to return a steam boiler to working order. Choosing the right method always requires research before the work can begin. When working with old equipment, samples are taken to help choose the appropriate devices and chemicals.

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